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Blog Post: September 21, 2021

By Pastor Jeff Fox-Kline

And now… a parable. One having nothing to do with the current sermon series, nor the book that we’re all reading. One that may or may not have to do with my life.

Once, there was a man.

On a certain day the man decided that it would be reasonable to adopt a cat into his family. The man went to the Humane Society to meet some kittens, and he found a friendly, playful little boy. Infatuated with the cat, the man brought this cat to his home.

Having been neutered the day he came home, the cat was snuggly and friendly; he was the envy of cats everywhere. The man saw his cat and said “you are good and I love you”.

As time passed and the narcotics wore off, the cat became more comfortable in his new home. His newfound comfort led to new perspectives on how to behave in a space. The cat got the zoomies, and would dash hither and yon throughout the house. The cat would scratch at the furniture instead of the scratching post that was in the same dang room. The cat would settle down for sweet snuggles. “You are good, but perhaps a little naughty. I love you," the man said.

The continuing comfort of the cat led to new behaviors, as the cat discovered that he could jump on countertops. Soon, there was not a countertop that was un-hopped upon. The cat would go from litterbox to countertop and back onto the floor. The man got up and brought the cat down once. The man brought the cat down twice. The man brought the cat down as many as seventy times seven times, each time admonishing the cat. Even while the man was writing a parable did the cat jump on the counter. “You are a naughty cat, and you really need to stop jumping on counters. You are also a sweet cat. I love you," the man said.

Let those who have ears hear.


Pastor Jeff Fox-Kline

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