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Book Review: Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality

Written by Jack Rogers and Reviewed by Jean Pitot

Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality by Jack Rogers provides a practical resource firmly grounded in contemporary theological thinking to anyone grappling with the reconciliation of their Christian faith and homosexuality. Rogers approaches the topic from a Presbyterian perspective, having faithfully served the Lord in a distinguished career as a pastor, theologian and leader in the Presbyterian church. He explores the traditional Christian treatment of homosexuality by identifying poignant similarities between it and past racial and gender discrimination in the church.

Rogers' interrogation of biblical texts classically used to condemn homosexuality is crisp and illuminating, raising profound questions and pointing to the danger of non-contextual interpretation. The gentle tone of his Christ-centered argument is persuasive and invokes deep contemplation about a matter that is at the forefront of social and spiritual debate. Irrespective of one's opinion on the matter, I have little doubt that this book will in some way touch the hearts of all who read it.

If you are interested in reading this book, please visit Covenant Library.

Jean & his wife, Robyn, attended Covenant during their 6-month stay in Madison in 2014. Jean was a Fulbright scholar studying solar power. Jean & Robyn are now back in their home in South Africa.

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