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Book Review: The Screwtape Letters

Written by C.S. Lewis and Reviewed by Cindy Lovell

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis offers a creative way to look at forces that may be at work in our lives. In this fictional book, Screwtape, a senior demon, writes 31 advice letters to his novice demon nephew. The nephew, Wormwood, is trying to secure the damnation of a man referred to as “the patient.” God is referred to as the “Enemy.”

As Screwtape gives suggestions to Wormwood, we get a glimpse into what things in our own lives may be taking us away from God. For example, Screwtape tells Wormwood that theological “jargon is your best ally in keeping the patient from the Church.” We also realize what things may help us connect with God, such as fun, since it “promotes charity, courage, contentment and many other evils,” in Wormwood’s view.

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