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Book Review: A Life of Jesus

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Reviewed by Kenneth Hindman

It was a pleasure to read this book. The author’s humility in naming it A Life of Jesus and not The Life of Jesus is refreshing. Many authors have tried to capture the life of Jesus. Each of these biographies has been written within the values and purposes of the particular author. Many have fallen short of their goal.

Endo, who is Japanese, steps out to help us walk beside the man Jesus. The most valuable content in this book is the author’s ability to describe in detail the major social, cultural, political and religious environments in which Jesus lived and died. He does this with a warmth and an empathy which was very helpful to me. He presents an understanding of Jesus’ life and death which accents Jesus’ constant expression of the love of God to the powerless, the sick, the poor and the sinful. You will understand why Jesus’ ministry drew such opposition from those in control, both Jewish and Roman. The humanity of Jesus is presented in a refreshing and sympathetic way.

Endo does not present a full understanding of Jesus. The divinity of Jesus receives very little attention in this book. It is a relatively short book with well-defined purposes. It draws a portrait of Jesus which has helped me to clarify for myself the marks of discipleship as I seek to follow him here and now.

You can find this book in the “Spiritual Growth” section of Covenant’s library.

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