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2024 Generosity Campaign


"So continue encouraging each other and building each other up,

just like you are doing already." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

The Generosity Campaign is asking people to support Covenant’s ministry with their time, talents, and treasures. Members and friends will receive a packet in the mail. Please contact the church office if you do not receive one. (A pdf of the packet materials is also available below.) In the packet, you will find a brochure, a letter from Pastor Charlie and a Commitment Card, which allows you to commit to making a financial commitment to Covenant. Though the Serving Survey is not included in the packet this year, we encourage everyone to make a commitment to serve by filling out our Serving Survey (below).

A commitment to Covenant’s Generosity Campaign is an important way members can show their support of the church’s mission and service goals. It is NOT a contract for payment, but rather an expectation of your intended financial gift for the calendar year. Please give as you are able and as you feel called by God. May we "continue encouraging each other and building each other up.”

Please use these links to complete electronic versions of the 2024 Generosity Campaign forms:

Serving Survey (click)

Let us know how you want to get involved with volunteering your time and talents at Covenant! This form was not mailed out this year. If you would like a paper copy, they are available in the office.

Commitment Form (click)

Thank you for considering an ongoing financial commitment to help sustain Covenant's many ministries in 2024! This form should be completed and returned by October 29, 2023.

Electronic Contribution Transfer (ECT) Authorization Form (click)

This form gives us consent to set up your recurring financial commitment.

Note: even if you indicate on your Commitment Form/Card that you want us to set up your payments, you are still required to fill out this form. Click HERE for an FAQ on Electronic Contribution Transfers.

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2024 Generosity Campaign Brochure

Blessings from 2023

(click on any picture to see the full gallery!)

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Covenant is a Matthew 25 church, making racial justice and the eradication of systemic poverty central to our mission.


Here are some 2023 highlights:

  • Focusing on Creation Care remains a vital mission at Covenant. (We even had a sermon series on creation care earlier in 2023.)

  • Serving internationally as, for the first time ever, youth joined adults on our recent Guatemala Mission Trip

  • Feeding hungry people in Madison is part of our mission with meals at Porchlight Men's Shelter and Triangle Ministry, snacks for students and teachers at Glenn Stephens Elementary School,  meals for college students at Pres House, and our food pantries - Little Food Pantry and Little Free Pantry on site at Covenant and available to the public.

  • Housing the Open Doors for Refugees, an initiative of Jewish Social Services, continues.

  • Biking with the Presbywheelians in the Move 'N' Groove fundraiser, raising over $8,000 for Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.

  • Offering financial support for members wishing to participate in the racial justice class, “Black History for a New Day” through Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development.

  • Raising funds funds from the congregation by our Middle School youth for a Tiny House in the Tiny House Village as part of Occupy Madison which is helping the homeless in Madison.

Contact the office or fill out a Serving Survey if you would like to get involved with Missions at Covenant!

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From the many tasks completed by the ushers to the music led by Melissa Hinz and Ben Welch to communion element preparation to sanctuary adornment, we are blessed with staff and volunteers who help us worship God, whether it be in the sanctuary or online.


Here are some highlights of 2023:

  • Guest preachers Dr. William Yoo, Circuit Court Judge Rev. Everett Mitchell, and mission partner Rev. Betsey Moe

  • A second annual Ukraine Benefit Concert, featuring Ukrainian musicians and dancers.

  • The weekly music of New Day Ensemble, Covenant Chancel Choir, Covenant Handbell Choir and Children's Choir

  • Talented guest musicians - Larry & Carla Sue, The Beltline Bones, ARP of the Covenant, Natalie & Derek Handley, etc...

  • Our annual Christmas Pageant "The Christmas Lamb" & Musical Celebration featuring choir, handbells, brass, organ, and piano

  • Ordination of Covenant friend and former Ministry Associate Rev. Chelsea Cornelius

  • Sanctuary chancel lighting update providing enhanced lighting for worship and livestreaming, also saving us energy.

  • Engaging sermon series such as: "Creation Care: Our Common Calling," "We Belong to God: A Series on Life & Death," and "Hearing the Voices of People Long Silenced: Women of Genesis."

  • Children's Time in worship offering an engaging moment in the service for our children, including regular visits from Dr. Nick! (pictured)

Contact the office or fill out a Serving Survey if you would like to get involved with Worship at Covenant!

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Education is taken seriously at Covenant from our youngest to our most senior members and friends. Sunday School, Adult Education, and Youth Groups are all in full swing.


2023 Highlights so far:


  • Associate Pastor for Children, Youth & Families Rev. Megan Berry joined our staff and will be installed in November!

  • Covenant teamed up with Bethany United Methodist Church once again for a successful Vacation Bible Camp.

  • Small Groups formed this Fall, and regular groups continue to meet throughout the year.

  • Our Sunday School children raised $5,000 for our annual Heifer Celebration!

  • Adult Education hold relevant and challenging classes on a weekly basis (September through May).

  • Covenant members participate in social justice education programs such as Racists Anonymous Fellowship and Justified Anger courses through Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development.

  • We host the Madison Learning Community, an initiative of Dubuque Theological Seminary, in which several Covenant members participate.

  • Youth and adults participated in Feed My Starving Children in the Spring, packing meals for the hungry.

Contact the office or fill out a Serving Survey if you would like to get involved with Education at Covenant!

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2024 Inside flap of brochure (8.5 × 5.5 in) (4).png
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The deacons at Covenant are committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages to connect throughout the year.


Here are highlights from 2023:

  • CONNECT remains a big part of fellowship, hosting events such as Spiritual Strolls, outings to Mallards games, APT, and ice cream at the Memorial Union Terrace.

  • Pastoral staff and caregiving volunteers hosted parties at Oakwood and Attic Angel.

  • The annual Church Picnic was a blast!

  • "Celebration Sunday" was a new thing this year! On May 7, 2023, we welcomed members who joined during the pandemic, thus never receiving an official welcome to Covenant.

  • "Pi Day" was another fun new addition this year, held on March 12, 2023. Lots of pie was had!

  • Covenant opened its doors as a Cooling Center during one of the many dangerously hot stretches in Madison.

  • Deacons, with the help of volunteers, continue to host Bradfield Cafe offering coffee and donuts every Sunday morning.

Contact the office or fill out a Serving Survey if you would like to get involved with Fellowship at Covenant!

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2024 Inside flap of brochure (8.5 × 5.5 in) (5).png

Our Building & Grounds Committee is always hard at work to maintain and improve our facilities so that we can go into the coming year strong.


Examples of items worked on this year:​

  • The Columbarium was remodeled, adding 88 niches for those who want to have their cremated remains memorialized.

  • The Building & Grounds Committee numbered all of our doors in the case of an emergency.

  • Native plants were planted in the yard along Mineral Point Road

  • A new security system upgrade continues, including key card/code entry, and new security cameras to come!

  • The 50+ year old boiler was replaced with a new heating system in the Bradfield and Classroom wings.

  • The lighting in the sanctuary was upgraded with new lighting, providing for a better worship experience in-person and on our livestream. We now are saving a lot of energy!

  • The grounds around the church continue to be well cared for by volunteers working in the gardens, including a new trellis and garden area outside the Columbarium which provides privacy.

  • The flat roof over the kitchen was repaired.

Contact the office or fill out a Serving Survey if you would like to get involved with Worship at Covenant!




“It is clear… that the church exists because it is a community that gives time, talent, and finances to make the mission of Covenant possible. Yes, we are a community of members that benefit from the building and the grounds, but the larger community we serve with our building and what we give as a congregation is what really matters in service to Christ.”

-Tom Blewett


“It is partly for Covenant's dynamic engagement in many efforts around the world and our local community, that my family and I happily give our time and financial support through our pledge to Covenant.”

-Faith Windsor-Leonard


“I have really enjoyed my time on Mission Committee and my faith has deepened. I have learned so much from others on the committee, especially how much we can collectively do for others. Serving on this committee is a new way to feel connected to my church. Pledging time and money is incredibly fulfilling.”

-Jane Pearson


2023-24 Ministry Funding Plan


2023 Generosity Campaign

(2022-2023 year)

Number of commitments (pledges) received: 217

Total amount committed (pledged): $984,046.90

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