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At the time of death, we gather together to give thanks to God for the gift of life, to acknowledge the reality of grief, and to reaffirm the hope of the gospel—that not even death can separate us from the love of God. Typically, a service includes:


  • Music (congregational singing and perhaps a soloist, instrumentalist, or ensemble)

  • Prayer, including the Lord’s Prayer

  • Scripture

  • Reflections, by the pastor and perhaps by 2-3 relatives or friends


The pastor leading the service will work with the family to craft an appropriate service. With a funeral (when the deceased’s body is present), there is ordinarily a funeral home assisting the family the day of the service.


While we certainly seek to remember and celebrate the life of the person who has died, the focus of the service is on God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. Our Presbyterian Book of Order says:


In the face of death, we affirm with tears and joy the good news of the gospel and the hope of the resurrection. We do not grieve in isolation, but are sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit and the community of faith. The service of witness to the resurrection is most appropriately held in the congregation’s usual place of worship, demonstrating continuity with the community’s faith, life, and hope. (W-4.07)


We are glad to make our building and staff available for members and friends of the church for services when a loved one has died. Our fellowship hall can be available for receptions. Please contact the church office to set a time and begin planning. More information is available from the church office.

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