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Mission Statement

The Covenant Library seeks to support the ministry and mission of Covenant Presbyterian Church. It is a resource in our disciple-forming community that provides materials to advance the study of worship and prayer, to cultivate deep and nurturing relationships, and to encourage faithful ministry in our daily lives.


What's in the library?

We group our books by subject matter (called "tags" in TinyCat) on the shelves of the library, alphabetized by author. You can browse our digital catalog from TinyCat here.

How to check out items 

By the door to the library (which is directly on your right when you walk through the front doors), there is a stand with Covenant Library Checkout sheets. We use the honor system: simply list your name, the item's title, and the date. Please ensure the borrowed items are returned within one month of their checkout date, so that others may enjoy them.

Click here for more detailed information about how books are chosen for the library. Contact our volunteer librarian, Patricia Herrling, with any ideas or requests for new books in the library.

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Click on the graphic below to visit Covenant's blog, where members share book reviews of books from our library!

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