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Ongoing Classes

Racists Anonymous Fellowship (RAF)

A new session of RAF began on January 7RAF is a fellowship of individuals seeking to achieve personal recovery from racist habits and the effects of racism. Its purpose is to help individuals address their own role in the sin and addiction of racism. Contact Pastor Jeff to learn more. Click here to access the RAF group's website, which features the program guidebook and other resources (only group members may access the documents).

DISCIPLE Bible Study & Spiritual Formation

Pastor Charlie Berthoud began a 12-week class called "DISCIPLE Bible Study & Spiritual Formation" on January 13 via Zoom. This class reads and reflects on the New Testament. Please contact Charlie if you'd like to be involved or learn more. 

January 2021

January 24

"The Last Days of Theresienstadt” will be presented by Dr. Skye Doney, Covenant member and the Director of the George L. Mosse Program in History at UW-Madison. He translated, edited, and annotated Eva Noack-Mosse’s Holocaust memoir, Last Days of Theresienstadt (Madison, 2018). Noack-Mosse was deported to the Nazi concentration camp of Theresienstadt in early 1945. Because she was a trained journalist and expert typist, she was put to work in the camp compiling lists of inmates arriving and being deported, possessions confiscated from inmates, and other details. She also had access to camp records, and she recorded statistics and her own observations in a secret diary. The book describes not only life in the camp but her eventual liberation and return home.

Dr. Doney’s articles have appeared most recently in The Catholic Historical Review and Environment, Space, Place. Currently he is completing a manuscript on German Catholic religious practices between the 1830s and 1930s.

This class will meet at 10:00 am via Zoom.

Zoom Link:

January 31

Birds of Wisconsin will be presented by Rosemary Jones, Covenant member. Rosemary has been birding off and on since she was in college and is happy to share her love of birds and her photography of them, hoping to get you hooked as well!  She will talk about the birds we see around us here and share her pictures of them.  It’s another example of God at work in our lives, to see and understand these marvelous creatures.


This class will meet at 10:00 am via Zoom.

Zoom Link:


February 2021

February 7: The Bible Project Character of God Series

Together we will watch several videos and "learn about the foundational descriptions of God's attributes found in the book of Exodus." Discussion will follow with members of the Adult Education Committee.


This class will meet at 10:00 am via Zoom.

Zoom Link:

February 14: No class--We hope to see you at the Congregational Meeting!

February 21: Mercy Mats

This organization, based in the West Allis area, is committed to repurposing plastic shopping bags as a way to care for the environment. They are turned into sleeping mats for the homeless community. Donna Reimesch will explain how the group began, their community project, and how it can be replicated in our community (images and further information at (20+) Mercy Mats West Allis | Facebook).

This class will meet at 10:00 am via Zoom.

Zoom Link:

February 28: Compassion and Meditation, led by Betsy Delzer

Betsy Delzer is a mind-body coach in the public-school system. She is also the founder of RISE ( She focuses her coaching and skill training on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. She specializes in yoga teaching and training, racial justice, and contemplative practices. Her class will be enjoyable and informative. Come join us!

This class will meet at 10:00 am via Zoom.

Zoom Link:

Adult Education Class Resources

Missed a class you wanted to take part in? Want to review the resources used in a class that you attended? Click here to find a library of resources from past adult education classes.


Past Education Classes


We are a community of people who gather to worship, learn, and grow as Christians. We don't have all the answers, but seek to discover God's will and ways in our families, community, and across the world. Together, we enjoy fellowship and strive to serve God in our daily lives.




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