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Die Hard and the Council of Nicea

December 7, 2022

By Derek Handley

Midweek Musings is a weekly Covenant blog with a variety of authors and a variety of topics.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

How is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Why is it NOT a Christmas movie?

Should I let my kids watch Home Alone yet?

Why is Family Stone so good?

Why is this the blog topic this week?

With exception of that last question, these are all questions I have this week. And I hope by the end of this blog that I will be allowed to write another one at some point.

What makes a Christmas movie?

Does the whole movie have to take place during Christmas? Does there have to be an overarching Christmas theme? Does Santa have to make an appearance?

Sorry. One more though - can it take place during Christmas but have nothing at all to do with Christmas to be considered a Christmas movie?? Which leads me to my next question...

How is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Seriously. Gen Xers everywhere passionately (or perhaps belligerently) plead their case every year.

Die Hard takes place during Christmas. A Christmas party is interrupted by Snape Severus (did I get that right?) and his crew. John McClane conveniently goes to the bathroom while they do. Okay, I don't need to describe the whole plot. If you're reading this far, you probably have already seen the movie. If you haven't, don't. Unless you're a Gen Xer.

Don't worry, the rest of this blog is not about Die Hard. But I invite your thoughts about this in the comments!

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

It's December 7, and I haven't watched any of my favorites with the family yet. Hopefully that will change this week. So what are they? Comment away!

I'll start.

That last one is a year-round choice by my 3-year old in this house.

Should I let my kids watch Home Alone yet?

OK, so as a kid, this was one of my favorite Christmas movies. I have put off letting my kids watch it. Why? Well, the violence, though pretty slapstick, is still kind of intense for a 3 year-old. Yes, there is some redemption at the end, and the soundtrack is second to none, but everyone treats each other like trash.

And can we talk about how Peter and Kate McCallister should not be allowed to have children? They forgot him not once, but twice!

Why is Family Stone so good??

This could have very well just been a statement I realize, but stay with me.

I left this out of my gifs, but only because there were no good gifs that adequately summed up how great the movie is.

The movie is centered around a Christmas family gathering. Pretty normal scenario, but what I appreciate about this movie so much is the diversity of people and realism. There is a gay couple (one person is deaf, one person is black), there is a rich white unmarried couple that are trying to convince themselves that they are in love (not much of a spoiler alert don't worry), the father smokes pot with his adult son, there is a mom that has terminal cancer... and of course every movie has to involve love lost and love found. There aren't many movies that make me weep every time I watch them, but this one does the trick. And Coach is in it!

This movie embraces holiday family drama. It normalizes what a lot of people would see as family "dysfunction."

Alright, I guess there has to be some sort of spiritual element to this blog.... uhhh...


There is a lot of stress and anxiety involved with the holidays when extended families get together. And not everyone can slip into the Christmas Spirit as easily as others.

Side note: Covenant has a gathering this Sunday called Blue Christmas dedicated to those that feel more gloom than cheer during the holiday season.

I wish more families could be like Stone family. Not worrying about trying to hold it together for the holidays. The Christmas Spirit is always in the mess, and when found can be experienced two-fold.

Did this blog bring up more questions for you?

Who is letting this guy write a blog?

Does he let his kids watch Die Hard?

Why does he hate Home Alone so much?

Why does he use so many gifs? You're right, I overused them this week.

Does that last statement about the Christmas Spirit being found in the mess apply to God and the Holy Spirit as well? Yes.

Keep the conversation going in the comments here or on Facebook!

Peace on Earth and good will to all,


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