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Book Review: Science & Faith: Student Questions Explored

Edited by Hannah Eagleson and Reviewed by Tom Blewett

This book is a study guide that is based on questions about faith and science and the responses (short study chapters) written by science and faith experts motivated in part by the American Scientific Affiliation, an organization of Christians who are scientists. The four chapters of Part One: Getting Started explore the discovery of creation through faith and science. Whether from a religious or scientific point of view, many people are drawn to stronger faith as well as scientific curiosity through their common wonder at the beauty and diversity of nature. Part Two: Building Good Conversation among Scientists about Faith explores how science may enhance personal faith. It examines alternative perspectives to the notions that faith is irrational and that scientists should not believe in the supernatural, and offers a pathway for Christian scientists to talk with secular colleagues about faith. Part Three: Building Good Conversations among Christians about Faith examines ways in which Christians can have a conversation about origins, regardless of their personal world view. The reader will gain insights on the ways in which Christians understand origins and how those understandings contribute to a perceived tension between creation and evolution perspectives. Part Four: Exploring Further within Science and Christian Communities begins with a look at the responsibility of scientists who are Christians to support science literacy among Christians. It examines our responsibility to understand the origin of knowledge and our roles as we adopt a particular perspective on knowledge. The book concludes with three more academically rigorous chapters exploring the history of the relationship between science and the church during early, Medieval and modern times. Overall this book offers a wide range of personal experiences and perspectives by its contributors that will enhance and enliven curiosity and conversation among Christians and scientists. The book does not adopt a particular view, but offers a way for people with different world views to find common understanding and respect for each other.

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