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Book Review: To Love in Return

Written by Donald D. McCall and Reviewed by Polly Guequierre

In his book, Donald shares stories of experiences in his life that exemplify a passage or verse from scripture. His experiences are very personal and intimate. It is obvious that he wrote from his heart. The book is warm and engaging, packed with the love he felt in the memorable moments of his life.

To sum up his reason for writing his book, he states, “The whole of the Bible is history of God expressing His love for us. The whole of the New Testament is God expressing His love for us in and through the life of Jesus Christ. It therefore becomes consequentially that the whole meaning of our lives lies in our answering that question. Have we yet learned to Love in Return? When you do first sense that love in return, it is a breathtaking experience.”

I can't recommend this book more highly. Read it. His thoughts and reflections will warm your heart.

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