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Book Review: Today Belongs to You by Don McCall

Written by Don McCall; Reviewed by Brenda Moten

Thinking back on my years working in cooperate America, I recall many mornings when I needed just a little inspiration to start the day. As I read Donald McCall’s Today Belongs To You, I realized this is what I needed way back then. Even the title is inspiring.

This book began as a daily spoken word, or as Pastor McCall refers to them, “30 second ‘Inspirational Vignettes’ reproduced exactly as they appeared on the teleprompter that I used to broadcast them every morning at 7:30.”

The book includes twenty sets of vignettes. Each welcomes the reader with “Good Morning," just as McCall would have welcomed the listeners during the broadcast, and ends with “Today belongs to you” followed by a challenge for the day.

In addition to the vignettes, the book includes sketches created by his daughter. According to McCall, “These sketches represent some of the many trips that I have made through the years and which consequently have become a part of my thinking in what Jesus called his desert time. Jesus made many trips alone into the desert and wilderness places and I have found His practice to be a good model for my life and now for this book.”

One of the vignettes that resonated with me and challenged me upon appears in the first set of vignettes. I return to it often.

Good Morning:

Beauty is not in what we see, but in how we see what we see. Therefore, to find that

which is beautiful in the world you need only to look into your own heart … for it is the

heart that interprets what the eye sees.

Today belongs to you … to make it a beautiful day, keep at least one eye open to what

your heart perceives.

What a wonderful message and challenge to start the day. Upon that blank slate of the good morning, one is invited to notice with the heart. I invite you to read and contemplate on the messages of the amazing book. You may be surprised what you discover in your wilderness and desert places.

Today belongs to you.

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